Update on how I’m Feeling

Monday, October 25, 2010

So I thought I better do an update on how I’m feeling outside the clinical trial side effects. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been struggling with what I think are environmental allergies. It started out with wheezing during the night which I’m treating with a nightly dose of Benadryl.

I don’t wheeze anymore but during the day, my chest feels so full. I cough and later have some shortness of breath. I find this especially when laying down or getting up from a laying down position. I’ve coughed so much I’m hoarse. My nose is a bit stuffy and my head feels a bit headachy.

I’ve also been experiencing the chills. This started a couple of days after getting my flu shot last week. I’m not too worried about this because my temperature remains normal.

Other than that … there is fatigue. I really have to plan and monitor my activity so I don’t over tire myself. If I do, I easily become emotional, anxious and nauseous.

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