Finally ... I’m on the Clinical Trial

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yippee yahoo … I’m on Brivanib Alaninate!

Yesterday at the clinic, the nurse came checked my blood pressure. After that the Onc came in and gave me a physical exam and discussed my health in general. I said other than being a little tired, I was feeling pretty good. He looked at all my test results. Everything looked good except some of my liver numbers were high … sky high. He said I made it in … just under the maximum … with only a few points to spare.

Long story short, the nurse asked when I’d like to start and I said … ASAP. Excellent, we’ll see you tomorrow morning at 8:00am … bring breakfast and lunch. Your appointment will last eight hours and blood will be drawn every two hours. Here’s hoping my PICC line can be used for that.

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