The Flu Shot

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yesterday D and I drove to the local mall to get our flu shot and get a bite to eat at the food court. We were the only ones standing in line. We started talking to the gal who was directing folks to each of the nursing stations for their shots. After a bit of small talk she said she was a trained psychologist and was also on the lookout for people with high anxiety.

She directed us to a nursing station were D and I sat together. The RN said we’d get a vaccine for three types of flu including H1N1. I said that I’d like to get my shot in my thigh because I have lymphedema in one arm and a PICC in the other. So the RN ushered me to the back where they had a screen setup.

After my shot we went back to meet D who’s biggest concern at that point is if he could get a sucker in case he started to cry. The nurse and I only chuckled a little bit. She said we don’t have suckers this year … only stickers. Just then we saw a mother and a two year old in tow who just got his shot. He was smiling and waving to everyone as he passed by. What a little trouper.

After the mandatory 15 minute wait for a negative reaction, we headed over to the food court were we felt like having Chinese.

This morning, my thigh was only mildly sore where I got the shot … if this is all it is … I’m ok.

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