Results after One Week on Brivanib

Friday, October 29, 2010

After having my blood drawn and PICC line redressed at the clinic, I spent some time catching up on emails and surfing. I was feeling a bit down going into this appointment because of my dark urine earlier this week and I was not expecting good news. Anyways, the nurse and I went over the side effects I documented this past week. She then brought out the blood work and said with a smile, your liver numbers have gone way down. Really? Yes, my overall liver function has improved by 20%.

Then my Onc came in to the room and joined in. We all sat there with a look of surprise and then I saw a small smile come across on my Onc’s face … that said it all for me.

I can honestly say we all were very surprised by these results, especially after having dark urine this week. But for whatever reason, my body is very receptive to this new chemo. I’m overjoyed.

And then when I got home more good news … D said a lady from the Credit Union came by and dropped off these flowers and some chocolate. Apparently, she said they read my blog and just wanted to give me some flowers. There was no card and so I don’t know who this is from. However, I want to thank you so much because it just made a wonderful day that so much more wonderful.

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