Three days on Brivanib

Sunday, October 24, 2010

So I’ve been on Brivanib for three days now and I thought I’d share what I’m experiencing. About 40 minutes after I take it, I feel woozy and drunk like, to the point that I should not drive. Even my laptop screen is blurry. About two hours later and after I’ve had bite to eat, the dizziness and lightheadedness pretty well disappears and I feel quite normal. 

I think I’m already getting a bit lazier because the couch is getting just a bit too comfy.

This change in my treatment is causing me to change up my blogging schedule a little. I used to like writing my blog every day with my morning coffee. But now I have to lay out some thoughts the night before when I’m thinking clearer and can string some thoughts together. I’ve also made a mental note not to schedule any morning appointments, for now anyways.

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