Restorative Yoga Elements For Breast Cancer

Saturday, December 22, 2012

3 Elements For Restorative Yoga

Ultimately this system of restorative yoga encourages and supports recovery back to a balanced state of mind and body.  This is when one can learn to lessen muscle and emotional tension, and replace it with self-nurturance, health, vitality and hope.  Breast Cancer Yoga is this kind of gentle flowing yoga which encourages good health while in recovery and beyond.  It is restorative; there are no weight bearing poses that cause pain, no headstands or challenging poses. Come and visit our YouTube Channel and try our various flowing yoga videos.

Cancer Connections December 12th

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

If you have not already done so, please RSVP for our next meeting this Wednesday, December 12th, at noon at Hope Lodge. 

Dr. Chris Cogle -Associate Professor of Medicine and Director of the Program in MDS / Research Director of the UF&Shands Stem Cell Laboratory- will be doing an excellent presentation:    Innovations in Blood Cancer Treatment.

Since this will be our last meeting of 2012, please bring along any materials you would like to pass out for others to take with them, if you have a service of any kind that benefits cancer patients, survivors, or their caregivers. This will be our annual networking opportunity.

Please arrive no later than 11:50 so that there is time to help yourselves to lunch and find a seat, allowing Dr. Cogle to begin his presentation as soon as we've made our introductions. This will allow time for questions afterward, and for networking.

Please pass on this invitation to anyone who might be interested.

If you use facebook, please 'like' our facebook page and see meeting photos, related news, as well as summaries of past presentations.
Hope to see you Wednesday.


Looking for CRC Presenter at PCOMS Conference

The Screen for Life, Colorectal Cancer Control Program has been offered an opportunity to have a colorectal cancer screening presentation at the following professional education meeting (core presentation will be provided by the program):

When:         January 17, 2013 at 1:30 p.m.
Where:        Pinellas Osteopathic Medical Society (PCOMS) Winter Meeting (expected   attendance: 400)
500 Mandalay Avenue, Clearwater Beach, Florida 33767

Please let us know if you would be interested or know of someone who may be interested in presenting information to medical providers, by responding to:

Camilla Reid 
(941) 714-7197 

Relax & Detox in a Pink Salt Bath For Breast Cancer

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bathing in a warm Himalayan crystal “pink salt” bath for 20+ minutes promotes deep relaxation, plus helps to detox your body too. This healthy salt bath can be considered as a complementary therapy if used with the intention to restore the body with its active 84 essential minerals and 11 trace minerals. This salt is the oldest and purest salt on the planet. It is spoken of as the “good salt.”

Your skin is known as the third kidney, or the Wei Chi and toxins are excreted through the third kidney by sweating. A detox bath, or “solay” bath is used to assist your body in eliminating toxins through the skin as well as absorbing the minerals and nutrients.  Most of all, it'll leave you feeling refreshed and awakened.

Relax & Detox Bath Instructions
  • Schedule this special quiet time for yourself.
  • Fill Tub with hot water and melt the salt first, then add water. Not too hot please.
  • Add 1 cup of “Pink Salt” aka Himalayan Salt to receive its healing benefits.
  • Enter bath slowly and soak for at least 20 minute however, 30 is recommended.
  • Add background relaxation items listed below.
Options to Add Relaxation to Bath Time
  • Mist the bath area with a “Lavender” aromatherapy hydrosol, and breathe in the beautiful therapeutic scent and relax.
  • Light a candle to add room soft lighting.
  • Use a dry brush to help stimulate the lymphatic system and to remove dry dead skin. Nothing feels better than this dry brush massage.
Additional Options to Consider During Bath Time
  • Set up audio player to listen and practice therapeutic breathing exercises. Learning and practicing breathing exercises can help manage stress, promote relaxation and aide in sleeping disorders.
  • Sip a “Calm” medicinal herbal tea blend during your bath. Our Breast Cancer Yoga “Calm” tea blend contains Oat Straw and Chamomile, both of which are proven medicinal relaxation herbs.
After Bath Care
Be sure to stand up slowly and with care. Baths can make a person feel dizzy or lightheaded. Have a towel ready. Be sure to drink plenty of water afterwards to rehydrate the healthy relaxed cells.

Pink Salt Offered By Breast Cancer Yoga
Visit Breast Cancer Yoga and try our Pink Salt bath crystals. Breast Cancer Yoga also offers therapeutic gift baskets that include all the above mentioned products. Try these wonderful gift baskets or show how much care and share a basket with a friend.

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Breast Cancer Gift Baskets

Monday, December 3, 2012

Offer True Love & Support For Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Yoga presents our holiday gift baskets. Our gifts offers many benefits: 
*Creates inner calm 
*Quiet the mind 
*Recovery support 

A Soft Touch feels so good with this basket of all things soft and forgiving. A breathing CD to teach you how to quiet the mind, Calm and Tummy Tea Blends for their mellow and soothing effects. Mist your space with Simply Lavender while experiencing the soft light of the Lotus candle 

The Calm Practice is a collection of all things that create an inner calm. The Calm and Sleepy Tea Blends are for tension relief and encourages restfulness. A beautiful tea cup, mesh tea ball and delicious honey sticks are perfect. Spray the room with lavender, use the dry brush gloves, then take a reinvigorating bath, enjoy the lotus candle lighting while listening to how to breath for calmness. The DVD is there for you to do a restorative yoga practice with gentle flowing poses. 
The Kit and Caboodle offers true love and support of the recipient. Starting with a well needed dry brush for skin massage, then soothing bath salts that replenish vital minerals, a calming aromatic fragrance of lavender, soft candle lighting, nourishing tea blends and much more. The "Breath With Purpose" CD is an added pleasure for quieting the mind and the "Gentle Restorative Yoga" DVD is just that gentle and restorative. Visit
Visit our family website for more information on a complementary holistic approach to breast health and breast cancer recovery. Breast Cancer Yoga offers specific restorative yoga poses DVD, therapeutic breathing exercises CD's, supportive yoga props, a blend of aromatherapy oils, healing herbal teas and medicinal massage oils.