Physiotherapist - 6 month checkup

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The clinic likes to keep tabs on my lymphedema arm and yesterday I had my physiotherapist appointment. I’ve been so fortunate not to have anything major go wrong so I only need to go twice a year. She measured up both arms to compare the two in size. My right arm has the edema and it’s only 4.5% larger than my left. Seeing how that is my dominate arm, she said that’s pretty good.

I was a bit surprised that it hadn’t really changed from my visit in June because I’ve started a new chemo since then and the edema is puffing up my ankles. I assumed my arm would follow but I guess not … yea. No change in the size of my glove or sleeve.

When I mentioned to the physiotherapist that my ankles were puffing up … she said you know what you need? And I said … some diabetic socks? No, you need some airplane knee highs. They are light compression knee highs that people like to wear when flying. I said guess what? I have a pair of those leftover from my trip last summer. 

Later on I was thinking, why didn’t I ask her the difference between the $7 flight socks and the $27 ones.

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