A Rude Start Day

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling a little off… can’t really describe it but I was off. I got up and took my Brivanib pills with a glass of water. I then laid down for about an hour and got up and took three bp pills and sat at the kitchen table. D was making coffee at the time. A couple minutes later I said to D, wow those made me feel nauseous today. About a minute later I said get me a plastic bowl. How big of bowl would you like? NOW I said. I went from feeling fine to vomiting in no time flat.

I wanted a bowl to see which of the pills would come out so that I could replace them. I didn’t think there was time for any of them to dissolve but who knows. There was one bp pill that was still intact which I replaced when I took with my thyroid pill a half hour later. I’ll gotta tell ya, it felt so good to get that all over with so quickly. This is the first time I’ve been chemo sick since 2000 when I was on FEC.

On the bright side, my last three bm’s have been near normal. whoo hoo !! I’m still very careful of what I eat tho; no dairy and keep the portions small. I just nibble and give my stomach time to see how it likes it.

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