Mother 86 Years Young

Monday, December 20, 2010

Yesterday I went through my normal morning routine, except I would not be having my early afternoon nap. It’s my mother’s 86th birthday and twelve of the family got together for lunch at a local restaurant to celebrate. As we all gathered around, I thought what a wonderful family I have. Everyone was so full of life … chatting with each other, catching up on all the news. My nieces and nephews are all couples now and have grown into fine young adults, with careers and talking about their great plans for the future. Mother just sat there glowing as she looked around the table surrounded by her children and her grandchildren … she was just so proud.

Because food is such an issue for me, I decided to look up the menu on the web the night before … thinking if there would possibly be anything I could order. In the end, D and I shared a burger and fries because that was what was popular at our end of the table. I had two bites of his burger and about four fries and it sat well with me. My thoughts now are that I can probably eat most anything as long as the portions are very very small. I even had one bite of cake to help celebrate the occasion. And everything came out ok … in the end … this morning.

As soon as we got home, I hit the sack for a nice long nap.

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