Lousy Sleep Last Nite

Monday, December 13, 2010

I went to sleep last nite feeling pretty good but it didn’t last. I started waking up numerous times throughout the night. I’d wake up breathing real hard ... trying to get some air in me. D described it as I start breathing shallow then I take a whole bunch of deep breaths to recover. He says I moan a little in there too.

This waking up during the nite is becoming more and more of a problem starting last week. I'm thinking it’s when I'm in a deep sleep at night. I usually have an afternoon nap and waking up doesn't seem to be a problem. I feel well rested then too. During the day, I do have occasional shortness of breath and I am easily winded if I do something a little strenuous.

I feel a little panicky when I can't get enough air. First thing this morning, I sent an email to my trials nurse letting her know what’s going on.

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