Coping Strategies for the Holiday Season

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yesterday we had our sixth and final mets support group meeting for this year. We talked about wanting to start a group in mid January. I think we had eight ladies that were consistently attending the weekly meetings, so it might happen.

As we talked about our Christmas plans, some of the ladies felt sad they couldn’t do what they once could and even felt overwhelmed with the thought of spending so much time and energy with family and friends. Then we talked about some coping strategies to make it through the holidays.

It’s probably best to pace ourselves and not worry about being to extravagant with things, simplicity will be best. And if we’re not up to it, have others prepare the Christmas dinner this year or at a minimum accept help from others in preparing the meal. The important thing was not to expect too much from ourselves.

Fatigue is a huge side effect of cancer treatment and there is nothing better than closing your eyes for a short time to rejuvenate ourselves and our outlook. Being well rested can makes a world of difference, so if you’re going out to someone else’s place, plan for a nap before you go or even while you’re there. And if all else fails, plan to leave early.

In the end, we agreed Christmas can be an exhausting time so it’s important to pace ourselves. It was nice to know that some ladies felt well enough to prepare the turkey dinner. And for those who aren’t, they already have plans go to a relative’s house.

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