Fatigue is starting to set in

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Well, fatigue is starting to set in and it’s getting to me. I feel so heavy and slow. I would rather just sit in my chair and do nothing except watch TV and surf .… not even go out for coffee, now that’s something.

Yesterday, D convinced me to go with him and get some groceries. I so did not want to move, especially out in the cold but I mustered up all my energy and off we went. We did the first few aisles together when I said I’m gonna sit in the pharmacy, get me when you’re done. A short time later, he came by and together we did the blood pressure thing in the little chair and hey, I was normal. My BP meds are working. Then I headed straight for the car.

I have this stack of papers on the dining room table waiting for my attention … it has been sitting for weeks now. And they’re all simple things like making a phone call or filling out some forms. But I’m just not interested. I've even decided not to do Christmas cards this year. Of course, housework isn’t even on the radar. D does the laundry, rugs and dusts and together we do the sink and keep the dishwasher going. Most everything else is left to take care of itself.

I remember being this fatigued on Taxotere and then some, so this isn’t new. I’ll be wearing out the furniture before you know it.

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