CT Scan Redo

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yesterday I redid a CT scan that I had done last week and this time I didn’t forget to fast. As I was going through the motions, I couldn’t believe I was back again, removing my clothing and changing into that breezy hospital gown. I thought, it is cold everywhere and sure would have been happier snuggling in bed instead of going through this again.

My name was called … time for the IV. The nurse found a good vein on the second attempt … I was so happy with only two sticks. She then mixed my 2 liter cocktail asking if I wanted her to use cold or lukewarm water, lukewarm I said. Then she asked if I wanted flavoring, I said yes, I’ll take iced tea. Great ... then she sat me at a table in the waiting room with my two drinks; I quickly got up and got a heated blanket to wrap around myself. Drinking all that fluid and waiting the required 45 minutes sure does make me feel cold.

I ended up sitting by a sweet older lady who was having her first CT scan ever. She said she made the mistake of ordering a cold drink because she thought it would be more like a glass of water not the two liters they gave her. She was shivering like a leaf. I said there were warm blankets but she said my fur coat should warm me up. I said you can ask for a warm blanket when you lay down for your scan. After her scan she came out with two warm blankets and still shivering. She sat down in the waiting room for about ten minutes until she warmed up enough to go and change back into her street clothes.

Anyways, after my scan was done, I headed home to bed and wrapped myself in a couple cozy blankets and an electric heating pad at my feet.

I get the results of my scan later today.

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