The Knitting Group

Friday, June 4, 2010

This morning we had our regular knitting group get-together. We start by having everyone check in with some details about how the past week went. I gave everyone an update on my PICC line infection. There was a few gals going for tests or scans of one type or another so we talked a little about how each of us handle the anxiety of going for a test.

Some ladies said they listened to music to relax, others used visual meditation to calm themselves and others did things like crossword puzzles or Sudoku to distract their minds. Everyone seemed to have their own little trick.

We then settled in to some serious knitting… needles justa smokin’. Along with our individual projects, the group is working on knitting a bunch of 4 inch squares. We plan to sew them together to make blankets. Right now we have just over 100 squares which should be enough to get started on the first few.

We’ve been meeting for a few months now and all the ladies are getting to know each other really well. I find the jokes fly a little easier and we always end up having a few really good belly laughs.

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