Fatigue Setting In

Friday, June 25, 2010

After 20 treatments of Taxotere, I thought Xeloda was a holiday. My energy level was coming back. I was feeling stronger both mentally and physically and that made for a pretty good quality of life. It kinda felt like I was accelerating.

Now that I’m finishing my second cycle of Vinorelbine I’m being reminded of some of the fatigue I experienced with Taxotere. I am starting to feel tired all the time. I am losing some of my enthusiasm to do stuff. Everything requires a bit more effort these days. I just want to constantly go for a nap.

Mentally, the fatigue is a challenge; I can’t stay on top of anything. I’m feeling a bit melancholy. And this is only cycle two of Vinorelbine. I’ve got mixed emotions, if it works and the shrinks my tumors I’ll be extremely happy … but on the other hand, I won’t be happy with just the fatigue.

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