Official - feet are no longer icebergs

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Last night in bed, D and I were talking about how my feet are no longer icebergs like they were most of 2009. That Taxotere did a real number on me … me and my feet were always cold. At night I used to snuggle up to D and I’m sure he’d get a cold chill up his spine every time I snuck up with my feet. Often I’d go to bed with a heating pad at my feet and it would still take hours to warm those babies up.

Now I’m finding my feet are hot and I’m looking to cool them down … especially now that summer is here. At night, I’m always kicking the covers off to cool down. So here I go … different chemo different side effects.

One of the other things with Taxotere is that it was really hard on my immune system and somewhere along the way, I picked up a planters wart. I was disappointed to say the least. Anyways, because I was on active treatment, we couldn’t treat it. To my surprise, after my switch to Xeloda, the wart disappeared. Don’t know exactly when but along the way, the Xeloda burnt that baby right out of its den… horray!….a win for me.

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