Blood Draw and Onc Visit

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I just got back from the clinic and had my blood drawn. The nurse poked me twice before she got blood and off I went.

I stopped for coffee to burn up some time before my Onc appointment. Then the nurse came in and had a look at my arm and PICC line. Still a bit red from the infection but looks good otherwise. She said my blood work was good for chemo tomorrow. My neutrophils count - white blood cells - is at 2.1. That’s really good news. I asked what the minimum could be and the nurse said 1.5 for a Vinorelbine infusion. Apparently that number varies with the type of chemo. Who knew that?

I then saw my Onc. He also said we’ll go with chemo tomorrow and Friday next week as well and then one week off and then repeat that cycle. After eight weeks I’ll have another CT scan to see how my liver tumors are coming along.

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