Tests and Saw the Onc

Friday, November 5, 2010

Yesterday I was at the clinic for blood tests and to see the Onc. First stop was to get my blood drawn out of my PICC line and then have it redressed. Then I stopped at the coffee shop for a bite to eat and a small coffee before my Onc appointment. As I was sitting there looking ever so relaxed, the trials nurse happen to walk by and said, would you mind if I check your bp? Sure, she went and got a bp monitor and proceeded to take my bp. Unfortunately, It was still high. She then said let’s go find a bed and see if we can get a better reading. After a couple more readings, it’s still high and maybe a tick higher.

The nurse left to talk to the Onc and before you know it, around the corner here he comes. He listened to my heart and took my pulse and poked around my liver. He asked how I was feeling and I told him that I’m feeling better but struggle with irregularity. He said … well ... that’s par for the course.

The Onc and nurse both left for a short while and then the nurse returned with another bp prescription, 5 mg of Amlodipine. And that’s on top of my 10 mg of Ramipril. She also said I should purchase my own bp monitor with a leg cuff to read between clinic appointments.

Then we looked at my blood work which showed a further improvement in liver function. Sorry I don’t have any numbers for you … I was a bit distracted with the high bp. On the down side, the protein level in my blood is down so I need to increase my protein intake. So to help get that going, the nurse gave me a few protein shake samples.

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