PICC Infection and BP Update

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thought I’d give you an update on how my old PICC line site is doing and how I’m feeling. First off, my PICC infection is doing better. It’s nowhere near as itchy as it was a few days ago; the redness and puffiness are down too … it all looks a whole lot better.

Next, my bp appears to be nearing normal levels using my drugstore bp monitor. I’ll have to get those verified by the nurse at the clinic tho. I’m thinking the bp medication takes a while to kick in because I’m not doing anything different.

I should be doing some walking now that my liver function has improved but I have lethargy kicking in from the chemo. Still, D says I should come with him and the dog when they go for their after supper walk. Even if we go just part way and turn around, that would be a good start.

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