I am Feeling Much Better

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Last Tuesday, to help get my high blood pressure under control, I started taking 10 mg of Ramipril, up from my original 5mg dosage. It was early that afternoon when it occurred to me … I am feeling much better. I said to D, wow no headache, no chills and there was less dizziness and next to no nausea. Today I’m feeling better yet. It looks like the Ramipril is doing its stuff to counter the chemo.

The next issue on my list is irregularity. If you remember I was constipated mid last week and then diarrhea on Sunday and then constipated again the next day. I took a couple of Senekot S on Tuesday night and finally it happened … a bm late Wednesday. Hurray! This is probably way too much information but no cancer blog is complete without some discussion on poop.

I’ve been eating lots and lots of fruit and drinking oodles of water. I sure hope I get this irregularity figured out soon.

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