What is Wholeness?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Firstly, consider what it means to heal. A woman with breast cancer told us at the start of the weekend retreat that she had either hid her diagnosis from family members / or minimized her symptoms and concerns from those she told. In essence, she was 'doing it alone'. By the end of the weekend retreat, she felt compelled to be open and honest, and to ask for help when it was appropriate. Healing in this case took place at a social level - perhaps spurred on from a healing of a psychological wound.
Another obvious example of healing occurs when someone who is angry at their diagnosis can begin to come to terms with it - to find acceptance. Somehow, we all intuitively know that holding onto anger at life creates more suffering - it poisons our relationships, and eats away (in some real way) at our body. That's not to say we shouldn't feel anger - but not to hold onto it, not let it fold up upon itself, and squeeze the life out of our heart. It's healthier to feel and express this anger - to let it flow through us, so that we can move on to experiencing the fullness of our life.
Wholeness, for me (and Tim would have a richer description) has to do with being able to hold all of ourselves - all of the anger, all of the issues we have with our family members, all of our strength - everything. Wholeness is a change in perception - not a change in reality.
When we can see ourselves fully, when we can love ourselves wholely, it creates a space which better allows the process of healing to occur - whether it be to reconnect with others, let go of unnecessary anger, or empower our immune system. Wholeness allows us to see ourselves as perfect just as we are - "I love and accept myself just as I am right now - and I honour that I am on the ongoing process of healing my life."

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