Tight Calves

Thursday, September 9, 2010

For the last month or two, I’ve been less active which in turn makes all my muscles weaker and stiffer. I am most bothered by my calves. They are the tightest and cause me to waddle when I walk.

So yesterday I finally I decided to go see my Chiropractor so he could do some deep tissue massage on my calves. He only spent a few minutes on them but I gotta tell ya, I felt the looseness come in right away. This isn’t the first time I’ve struggled with tight calves so I’m thinking of trying a custom orthotic for my shoes. I’ve already tried the cheaper ones you buy at the drug store and they help, but I’m really thinking of something more solid.

I see the chiropractor next week and he is going to do a foot scan on me to see my feet in action. I think it’s a mat you walk on which then shows the correct shape of the custom orthotics for your feet.

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