Conversations at the Clinic

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Friday I was at the clinic having my weekly PICC line redressing. I’m glad to say I had my regular nurse. We’ve gotten to know each other quite well and I find it easy to talk to her. So when we started talking about my personal situation with stage four cancer, I felt quite comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings. We talked about my choice to pursue clinical trials. We talked about whether I had a living will or not and we even talked a bit about end of life. For some reason I was more comfortable talking to her about these things than my new doctor.

Anyways, as we were chatting, I hear my name called and I looked up, sure enough, it was my friend Audrey from The Journey. She just finished seven hours of chemo. Ugg! Still, she had so much enthusiasm in her voice saying how nice it was to see me and how we have to have lunch together next week. You’re on Audrey …. I hope the chemo isn’t too tough on you this time.

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