That Emotional Conversation with my Husband

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I’m still shaken about the sudden death of my friend Christine. Here I am thinking cancer is eventually going to take my life when in fact it might be some unforeseen complication. So after doing some thinking, I felt a real sense of urgency to do something that I hadn’t done yet and that was to go over my wishes and finances with D.

Months ago, I compiled a folder of information containing my will, detailing my finances and my possessions. I just wanted to go over it with D so that he understood all the details. The problem was finding the right time to bring up these sensitive issues.

So yesterday during our morning coffee, I started out by saying I wanted to go over a few things with our financial advisor. Then I said, but first I want to discuss those items with you, D … and so began the difficult conversation.

It was a very emotional conversation and there were plenty of tears from both of us but I managed to go over everything that was on my mind. It was also a very draining experience but I felt a sense of relief now that that this is off my chest … Now, all the details of my affairs are in order and all my wishes are known to D.

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