Type C Personalities

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Question: Are you familiar with the body of psychology research done on Type "C" personalities?

This is the mirror image of a Type "A" ... i.e. the really nice people who bottle up their emotions. Also, why they are more prone to getting cancer?


A response from Rob:

This idea has been examined for a long time. ie repressed immune system. - or energetic constriction of energy causing cells to mutate.

I don't know if there is a causation of repressed character and higher chance of cancer. Perhaps for a small percentage this may be true - but from a population perspective I don't believe it. The studies also show that there is no obvious connection between a recent major stressor experience and onset of cancer.

Cancer is so complicated and multifactorial in its development that I don't like to try to create simplified theories about causation. I respect the intuition of any one individual about why they think they developed cancer - and to use cancer as a catalyst to make the changes in their life that they would want to make regardless of whether it is the cause or the cure. Working towards wholeness is justified in itself.

Sorry I can't elaborate - but the "don't know" state keeps me open to all these possibilities.



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