PICC Line Infection Update

Friday, May 28, 2010

Yesterday throughout the day and into the evening, the area above my PICC line became redder and redder. My arm became increasingly sore with the redness. I especially felt a weird throbbing sensation in the vein on up my shoulder where the PICC line is located.

Around 8:00pm D and I looked closely at my arm, we even took a picture of it and concluded that the redness had moved up to the go-no-go line that my Onc had drawn on my arm. But the redness had not crossed the line so I did not have to go to the clinic. And my temperature was still normal.

We took another picture this morning and compared the two. There’s a small color change for the better in the area. It is less red and the soreness is way down. The throbbing is gone too. I’ve got my fingers crossed that the antibiotic is now kicking in.

Here is the picture taken last night showing the infection and my PICC line.

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