My Treatment Plan B

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yesterday I got the word from the research nurse that I will not be going on the study drug TK1258 as hoped. The study group requested a tumor sample. Believe it or not the Cross Cancer Institute had a sample from my original surgery back in 2000. They sent a slice off to Arizona, to be tested. Unfortunately this study is full for my type of breast cancer. Mine is very common.

So, on to plan B. Thursday I will have blood drawn for white blood cell count and see my Onc. Friday I get a PICC line; so no blood thinners the day before and no food two hours before the PICC. Then I’ll wait a bit to make sure I’m still feeling good and then off I go for my first round of Vinorelbine (Navelbine).

So how do I feel about all this? Well, I guess I’m ok with getting the PICC line; it’s just that it constantly reminds me of cancer and treatment. It was just so nice not having any attachments for the past six months.

This all means way more visits to the clinic… I’ve been down this road before, yuk…. And double yuk.

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