Chemo Cycle One – Day Five

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Here is an update on my side effects.

I’m now waking up nearly every morning with a headache above the sinus area. It sort of disappears after morning coffee but comes back in the afternoon a bit stronger. I’m going to start taking Benadryl today and see if that gives some relief.

I’m finding my stomach has become a bit finicky too, with some burning acid indigestion. So I’ve pulled out some medication I had when I was on Taxotere … it’s called Metoclopramide and works like a darn. I’ve also started coughing a bit again. Don’t know if that is fluid around my lungs or not.

Generally I’m just starting to feel low on energy.

On a positive note, my finger tips and toes aren’t peeling from the Xeloda anymore. The edema in my right arm is down too which means it isn’t bothering me as much. As far as the swelling in my feet goes, I have minimal if any left.

And finally, I need a hair cut… can you believe that? Tho my hair is still thin from the Taxotere … it’s long enough where it requires some super model shaping and style.

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