My Friday Knitting Group

Friday, March 19, 2010

I usually walk in to find that most everyone has their knitting out and chatting up a storm. Once everyone’s here, we’re asked to circle up and share what’s happened in the past week and if there anything needing to be talked about.

Once that is done ... we can talk freely amongst ourselves and we sure do that ... everything from Farmville on Facebook to lymphedema to raising teenagers. 

One topic that keeps coming up is the idea of forming a knitting group to knit chemo caps for cancer patients. We’re just looking at different patterns right now and deciding what type of yarn would be best. We’d also like to knit or crochet flowers to the caps, just to make them that little bit prettier... especially for the men folk ... hehe!

I hope it comes together not just for the cancer patients who’ll use these caps but because it’ll be such a great healing process for us all... knitting together for a good cause.

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