A Good Time

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yesterday was pretty full day ... in the morning; I had my cancer knitting group. We had a few good laughs when we started talking about Farmville on Facebook. Before you knew it ... I had five new neighbours. We talked about having to feed all the animals and harvest crops. Everyone was asking what level each was on. I said that I kept running out of fuel for my equipment. Then someone said that if I fertilize the neighbour’s crops, I’ll get free fuel... yippy! I’m not sure what makes these Facebook games so much fun but it sure makes for good conversation.

After the knitting group, I came home for a snack and then off to the Second Cup coffee group. We chatted about this and that with cancer bits fading in and out. Two hours later and it was time to go. 

Recently I’ve started taking pictures of my friends that I meet... using my cell phone. That way if I’m feeling a bit down, I just whip out the phone and look at all my good buddies ... all the people that are supporting me through these times. So don’t be surprised if I’m out for coffee with you and ask for a quick snapshot.


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