Last Day Of Pills For This Cycle

Monday, March 8, 2010

Today is the last Xeloda day for this cycle. For the first ten days or so, I have been retaining a bit more fluid. My wrist was sore and achy but now the pressure has diminished and the fluid is down quite a bit. I think I should start tracking my fluid retention from day to day, just to try and make some sense of the rise and fall.

My sinuses still give me occasional grief. Some days I have this sinus pressure which causes sneezing, stuffiness and a runny nose. With spring around the corner, I doubt that will get any better.

I’ve been very good at moisturizing and wrapping my fingers, toes and feet so no skin cracks at all. Tho, if I miss a day ... I sure can tell. It doesn’t take long to see cracks start.

All in all ...a really good cycle.

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