How Can Women Use Yoga to Prevent Breast Cancer?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

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How does yoga help breast cancer recovery in particular? Yoga does three things, it creates lymph to move throughout the channels, encourages deep breathing, and fosters relaxation. All this helps to decrease cortisol and increases GABA levels so that a feeling of harmony can occur.
How can women use yoga to prevent breast cancer? There are many things women can do to help prevent breast cancer. First is to move your arms to help stimulate lymph flow, become a conscious breather. The breath is instrumental in also moving lymph. Eating right, getting lots of good sleep, drinking good quality water, and surrounding yourself with those that love you all play a part in good heal and cancer prevention. 
In your experience how does the holistic approach to treating breast cancer differ from the generic western approach? There are three approaches, alternative, complementary and allopathic. Currently allopathic medicine has been introducing more and more complementary therapies in their bag of wellness tricks, and yoga is one of them. You will see more and more merging together when someone is diagnosis with breast cancer. Studies are supporting the benefits of yoga and recovery.
What is Asana and what is its connection to Breast cancer?
 A yoga pose is called an asana.

These questions will be answered by Diana Ross- Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher, breast cancer survivor and the founder of Breast Cancer Yoga.

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