Yoga for Breast Cancer - Relaxed Poses

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Physical Benefits of Relaxed Yoga Poses
Breast Cancer Yoga's Relaxed Yoga Poses is a very gentle restorative yoga that has been determined to be beneficial for cancer patients and post-treatment survivors by the medical and cancer research communities. Breast Cancer Yoga's Relaxed Yoga Poses provides relief for women going through treatment for breast cancer from the associated fatigue and depression. Researchers have observed in studies that women who practice this gentler version of yoga therapy have had a fifty percent reduction in depression and a twelve percent increase in feelings of peacefulness. 

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When to do Relaxed Poses
Your surgeon will advise you when you can go back to your exercise routine.  It is important to wait until you receive the green light from your medical professional.  Start with a gentle restorative yoga practice of stretching and breathing. When coming back to any exercise program there may be tightness and pulling in the chest region but there should never be pain. Relaxed Yoga Poses aide in the ROM (range of motion) to expand comfortably and at a normal rate.  

By: Diana Ross, E-RYT 500 - Founder & Survivor of
Breast Cancer Yoga

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