How to Not Get Cancer (Again)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Well it's been over three years since I've written in this blog. I actually thought I'd never write in the blog again unless my cancer returned.

Well the cancer's not returned, I know because I had my first scan in 3 years this past January to prove it. I'd like to say the cancer did not come back because I adjusted my lifestyle over the past three years - but I can't - because I really did not adjust any of my pre-cancer behavior. I actually gained 10 pounds over the past three years to tip the scale on January 1, 2012 at 235, ten pounds shy of my all time high back in 2003.

But much has changed since my last post in December 2008. One change is Nancy's parents both came to live with us as their health was failing due to their own stage 4 cancers. The other change is that I've kind of converted my business to the point where I'm a paid blogger.

Watching my mother and father in-law die of lung and prostate cancer right before my eyes was the two-by-four I needed to hit me in the head to finally get me to adjust my own lifestyle choices to minimize getting cancer again.

And since I blog for a living I figured I might as well document my "how to not get cancer again" lifestyle choices for the benefit of others.

So if you're looking for a blog about how to not get cancer written by a semi-professional blogger who has had cancer - this is your blog!

What's On My Top 10 Anti-Cancer Lifestyle Change List?

1.Seriously consider doing that which "experts" report reduces one's risk of getting cancer like...

2. Exercise,

3. Don't be overweight,

4. Reduce stress, and

5. Don't do things that "experts" report increases one's risk of getting cancer, like

6. Using tobacco,

7. Eating crappy food,

8. Being a miserable person,

9. Tanning on purpose,

10. Eating lead paint, etc.

As often as time allows I'll blog here to let you know what I've learned about the 10 points above.

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