Yoga for Breast Cancer - Seated Poses

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Seated Yoga Poses E-book
 Yoga for Breast Cancer - Seated Poses
Seated Yoga Pose

By: Diana Ross E-RYT 500 - Founder Breast Cancer Yoga

Breast Cancer Yoga Seated Yoga Poses can effectively help restore physical movement, range of motion for the arms and shoulders.  It will aide in post-surgical recovery repairing of adhesion's, scar tissue and keloid scars. Breast Cancer Yoga Seated Yoga Poses assist in supporting this part of the healing cycle while in recovery. One of the essential tools for recovery is the ability to effectively deal with stress, fatigue and depression.

Benefits of Seated Poses 
The purpose of seated poses is the emphasis is on the arm movements and chest openers while in a seated pose.  At the same time, we begin to learn that yoga is intended to heal the whole body - the whole person. 

Purpose of a Seated Pose 
Seated Yoga Poses are important to practice and maintain. In yoga, being comfortably seated is necessary so one can meditate and not be distracted by any stress or strain.  When we sit with legs crossed there is the added benefit of an opening of the hips.  Remember that learning to sit in a yoga pose strengthens the spine. 
When to do Seated Poses
All the poses in this E-book are seated poses so begin when YOU are ready or take one pose at a time and see how it feels. 

Founder & Survivor: Diana Ross, E-RYT 500

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