Off To See The Onc

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Today I’m off to the clinic for blood work and to see the Onc. I’m sure hoping my liver function is better so that I can go back on Brivanib. 

Last night I prepared my list of items I wanted to talk to the Trials Nurse and the Onc about.

Firstly I want to talk to them about this awful coughing I’ve had for the past week or so. I have to find a solution. It’s exhausting and I just want to cry when I think about it. The mornings start out pretty good but somewhere around the late afternoon I start coughing and it only worsens into the night. Phone calls can be especially difficult … I become short of breathe and cough like crazy.

Secondly, I wanted to talk to the Onc about my bp medication. Last week his orders were to keep reducing my bp meds until I got a top number of at least 95. I’m not sure that meant stopping the meds completely tho … but I did. My bp this morning was 106/75 and being that my bp monitor is about 5 points higher than the clinics, I figure it’s pretty close.

The third item that’s been bugging me for quite some time now but I haven’t mentioned is … since about spring, every few months or so I gain about an inch on my waist … it seems to be expanding. I've always thought it was swelling from the cancer but since I’ve been on Brivanib and the tumors are shrinking  I was hoping my belly would too … not.

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