CT Scan Part 2

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ok so I’m the last person to be called in for me CT scan and the only thoughts on my mind were don’t throw up, don’t lose controls of your bowel and don’t cough during the scan itself.

One of the technicians can in and started some small talk and said something like just go lay down on that scanner bed. I wasn’t feeling very strong and balanced so I just sat down waiting for someone to help me lay back. I had visions of landing on the floor.

She helped lay me down and then went over about the 20 or so questions … could you move your head higher, would you move your hips to the left, have you had this test before, did you have any reactions and so on. Fortunately, I was quite familiar with the procedure so I only listened to the odd word here and there.

My only concern was to stay calm and not have any mishaps, and my biggest worry at that moment was my coughing. So I mentioned to her, that I had this coughing problem … oh no you can’t cough during the CT scan … ya I kinda figured that. She gave me some helpful advice  ... when we tell you to breathe in, just take a shallow breath.

So how the CT scan generally goes … someone will say you to you … ok, now take a deep breath and hold it … seven seconds later, they say, ok breathe normally. They do these four times while the big circular tube goes around you. This test is about ten minutes and at mid point they inject you with some sort of contrast media. I took the techs advice and it seemed to be fine.

Finally, I’m done … it’s off to the change room to change into my street clothes. I was half way pulling up my pants when I got this serious urge to go to the washroom. I grabbed my purse and ran for the toilet … sure enough another serious bout of diarrhea. I finished dressing and phoned D to pick me up. I asked him to put and old blanket on the passenger’s seat of the car just in case I had an accidental bm on the way home.

Fortunately, no accidents in the car …. But my diarrhea did continue into the night and then most of the next day.

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