Hopefully Some Good News Next Week

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday at 8 am I was at the clinic at X-ray … in for an ultrasound of my chest and abdomen. The goal of the technician was to find large pockets of fluid that could be drained. She found one area on my back near the bra line and one was on the left front side near the groin area. They marked some areas on my body, took some pictures and then it was off to see my Onc who was going to do the two procedure … the Thoracentesis and the Paracentesis.

Eventually he took out 750mls of fluid out from around my lung area and another 850mls out from around my abdomen area. I’d have to say it went very smoothly with no pain … maybe a bit of discomfort.

Even after the procedure, my belly is still quite swollen but much of the pressure is relieved. I still cough a bit and my ears feel like I’m under water. I’m hoping it’s just some time for everything to settle in.

While doing the procedures, the Onc repeated … we are not stopping this study till we find out what’s wrong with you. Music to my hears …

The final procedure being done is an ERCP which will be done by a gastrologists. He is looking for some liver duct blockages that can be fixed. Anyways, got a call late Friday to come in on Monday. Wow I am very excited. Hopefully we finally have some solid answers.

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