Yoga Breathing to Raise Energy Levels for Breast Cancer Patients

Sunday, June 5, 2011

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Today the typical way of raising our energy level is through caffeinated drinks and sugary foods. It has been proven that using these products to remedy our energy lows are an obvious health detriment. And, ultimately after the temporary high or boost is over we are left even more drained. Now let’s add on the fact that when you have an illness like breast cancer these ways of raising our energy is truly unproductive.

Let’s look at how we can get a natural boost of energy that supports health: one that instantly provides a renewed vitality and clarity of mind. It is as simple as learning to breath properly and consciously.

Our breath is our key to life. It is known that a person can live days without water, and longer without food. However, the moment we become oxygen deprived, our bodies immediately begin to die. Stating the obvious, breathing is by far the most immediate and important essential element to life.

“Take a deep breath” is a statement that is often heard when someone becomes upset or over excited. Heart palpitations, and high blood pressure are the symptoms of this agitation. Combating the treatments that come with strains, stresses and discomfort; one can learn how to breath to reduce theses problems and replace them with renewed energy. Now THIS would be productive. When we consciously approach this stress and strain with our breath it allows us to refocus and quiet down. All that is needed is the understanding and development of simple breathing techniques. Breathing techniques are highly sought after and recommended for just these reasons alone. The overall effect of many breathing practices help the body and mind create a calming down effect called a “relaxation response”. This again will allow for the mind to become clearer, and more reflective. When recovering from cancer breathing is instrumental to support our health and well-being. Breath in, breath out and rest is the goal.
By Diana Ross, E-RYT 500
June 5, 2011

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