Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dear Maureen

Thankyou for your kind note. By all means, you may put anything I said (or say) on the cancer blog and I have absolutely no objection to my name being shown. I am proud to have been a part of the Skills for Healing weekend and meeting Rob and Tim. I am now reading the "Healing Circle" book which they so kindly gave out to everyone and re-living the experience.

As I said to Rob on the weekend, it is a strange thing, but my life has been so much richer since I was diagnosed with a rare and incurable (for now) version of the bone marrow failure disease MDS, and I have learned so much at our local Wellspring, which hosted last weekend's Healing Circle. Knowing you are among people who know what you are going through has made such a difference and I have learned a great deal about meditation, mindfulness, and yoga too. I enjoy life so much more than I used to and greet each day cheerfully with a smile. The little things don't bother me any more.

Please thank Rob and Tim again for me, for the great work they are doing, and for coming all the way to Brampton to share their message. When I was at Wellspring today, the Healing Circle was the main topic of conversation and everyone said how great it was and how much it helped them.

Kind regards,


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