Demonstration Project

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The University of Florida (UF) and Florida Department of Health (DOH) have embarked on a ten (10) month demonstration project to evaluate the effectiveness of the services of Community Health Workers (CHWs) using quality of care indicators associated with the CHW profession. As part of the demonstration project, the DOH will support the salary of three CHWs for five of the ten months to document their effectiveness.We are willing to partner with three different health or service organizations in Florida.

The eligibility criteria for partnering organizations are: [1] Health or service organization in Florida; [2] Clear job description for hired CHW; [3] Commitment to employ the CHW for a minimum of five months after DOH Salary support; and [4] Commitment to complete an end of demonstration project efficacy survey. If you or your organization is interested in partnering on the CHW demonstration project, please complete attached form and e-mail or fax to Ms. Shannon Pressey ( / 727-394-6014).

For more information about the CHW demonstration project, please contact:

Shannon Pressey, MS
Research Programs Coordinator
Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy
College of Pharmacy
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32610
Office: 727-394-6162

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