CT Scan and Bone Scan Results

Thursday, April 29, 2010

It wasn’t long before the door knock came and in walked my Onc. He asked me how I was feeling … do I have pain of any kind, how is the Xeloda treating me? I’m thinking to myself … enough of the small talk, give me the news.

This is sort of how it went … 

There are new growths on the liver …. blah blah blah … Xeloda no longer working …. blah blah blah … options are limited …. blah blah blah … chemo …. blah blah blah …. study drug …. blah blah blah.

I’m in shock as he left the room and in comes the research nurse. I ask her to repeat some of what the Onc said …. Seriously, I only heard a few words here and there.

So in short … my options are Vinorelbine by IV or a study drug TK1258 by pill. I’m hoping I qualify for the study drug because it’s a pill and will give me better quality of life.

Well … I’m going to Philadelphia and will deal with all this later.

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