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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Spirit Jump wants to remind everyone that you can always send a Spirit Jump to any of our Jumpee's. All you have to do is come to our site, click on Jumpee's, look @ the pictures & read the stories. Then, if you want to send a Spirit Jump to anyone send us an email asking for their address......Its that easy!

We send out Spirit Jump Request emails every Wednesday and Saturday. These emails contain new Jumpee's with their stories and pictures. After we send out the email we also put these new fighters on our site under Jumpee's so you can always come here to read the new requests. You can also tell friends and family to visit us and read ALL the stories. We are sure there is at least one story that will touch everyone.

I should take a moment to explain what a Jumpee is for those of you who are new to our site. Jumpee's are men, women and children who are battling cancer and are in need of spirit lifting. It is difficult to battle cancer, painful, scary and often lonely. Receiving a simple card in the mail has the power of lifting spirits no matter how low they may be.

You can be a Jumper if you sign up with us. A jumper is a generous, loving and charitable person who sends cards to those battling cancer. Just a simple card with a stamp is all it takes to touch someone's life. You can become a Jumper by putting your email in the space provided under the HOT PINK Join Spirit Jump Button on the right side of this screen.

Our request this week is for you to read through the Jumpee stories and pick one or even all and ask us for their address so you can send a card and lift their spirits!

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