Prevent Cancer Foundation Webcast

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Join us TOMORROW, May 1, for a free webcast on a topic that can help save lives: knowledge of family medical history. The webcast will be streamed live from the National Association of Broadcasters offices at 2pm Eastern time. Visit Prevent Cancer Foundation Webcasts to join in on the conversation.

The panel will be moderated by Dave Dubin, a three time cancer survivor and advocate for cancer screening and genetic testing. Panel members include:

Anna Maria Izquierdo, M.D., PhD, Primary Care Physician and former Medical Director of the Spanish Catholic Center
Beth N. Peshkin, MS, GCG, Associate Professor of Oncology and Senior Genetic Counselor at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
Allyn Rose, Miss D.C., family medical history and cancer prevention advocate

The panel will cover a range of topics including:
•       The importance of knowing one’s medical history
•       How your family medical history can help reduce your risk of cancer and other chronic diseases
•       Strategies for learning about your medical history from family members
•       Genetic testing and genetic counseling

Before and during the panel discussion, audience members are encouraged to post questions for the panelists to answer on Facebook or twitter(@preventcancer).

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