Breast Cancer Yoga Therapeutic Products

Friday, April 5, 2013

Breast Cancer Yoga products offer true love and support for the receiver.
  1. Start with the "Gentle Restorative Yoga" DVD practice, and the yoga is just that; gentle and restorative.
  2. Next indulge in a well needed dry brush massage for exfoliating the skin and stimulating the lymphatic system.
  3. Then take a soothing bath of pink bath salts. This will  replenish vital minerals for your body. 
  4. After therapeutic bath, mist a calming aromatic spray of lavender to the skin and then apply the aloe vera cream (offered in gift basket) to moisture even more. 
  5. Use the soft lotus candle for restful and soothing lighting. Available in our gift baskets.
  6. There are four nourishing tea blends to explore Sleepy, Tummy, Sleep and Immune.
  7. Additional items offered in our gift baskets are a beautiful tea cup, tea ball, 12 honey sticks, crystallized ginger and papaya.
  8. The "Breath With Purpose" CD is an added pleasure for quieting the mind and healing the body. Use it while experiencing the quiet of your bath experience. 
  9. Give the gift of love.

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