Desiree Lange: Must Haves!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Desiree Lange: Must Haves!!: Everyone needs an awesome concealer, foundation, and powder! It's important for a well balanced face. I have been searching for awhile for something that makes me go, wow! But I have been falling short, until I paid a visit to my local MAC store, and they matched my coloring to a foundation. I have been in love since! MAC studio sculpt, and studio fix do wonders to my skin. Acne isn't new to me, I actually went on acutane! Well anyways, this covers any blemish you have, and if it doesn't, the concealer from smashbox is guaranteed to work. I recommend getting yourself some really great products because they last longer, and feel so much better. Avoid buying yellow or orange undertones, it can make you look like your wearing too much makeup!

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