Burn Calories With Yoga For Breast Cancer

Friday, September 28, 2012

When yoga is used as your form of exercise during your breast cancer recovery, you may be asking yourself if the calories burned during a restorative yoga session are enough to guarantee weight loss. Restorative yoga classes offer benefits, such as muscle tone, core stability improvement, strength building and stress reduction.

Calories Burned During Yoga Varies
The amount of calories you burn in a typical yoga session can vary widely, depending upon what form of yoga you choose to practice. Most gyms offer yoga classes that will improve your fitness and add variety to your routine however they do not focus on breast cancer recovery. Here we have included an average restorative flowing yoga session with an average amount of calories you may burn during a 60-minute class.

Breast Cancer Yoga 
Breast Cancer Yoga poses are combined with the breath to form a dynamic restorative yoga session. Breast Cancer Yoga poses emphasis is placed on flowing movements during a pose as well as from one pose to the next. A Breast Cancer Yoga session includes a breath to center and focus the mind then five supported flowing yoga poses with a relaxing savasana pose to end the session

Breast Cancer Yoga DVD 
We have developed a yoga session just for breast cancer recovery. This DVD contains 13 poses that will enable you to burn calories!

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By: Dawn Bradford

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