Yoga for Sleep During Cancer Recovery

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yoga For Sleep


Gentle Yoga DVD
Practicing restorative yoga has shown to improve sleep and overall quality of life in cancer survivors. Along with improved sleep it appears to also improve fatigue, which along with impaired sleep quality are the most prevalent and troublesome adverse effects experienced by cancer survivors. Both can significantly affect quality of life.  All this creates greater consistent energy in the body and a mental balance in the mind. 
Breathe With Purpose CD
The breath will maintain balance in every activity you perform or need to perform. The breath dictates performance, and the performance dictates the breath. When you are tiring you will notice your breath becoming shallow and even labored. This shallow breathing boost the sympathetic nervous system, which in turns makes you nervous, thus zapping you of the much required energy. This energy is needed to perform the most simplest tasks when we are not feeling up for doing anything; yet we do need to move forward.  
Deep full breathing, like a COMPLETE BREATH will stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and form inner calm for the brain. Maintaining the awareness of the breath when we need this energy will support us.  

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