FREE Preview "Standing Yoga Poses for Breast Cancer Recovery and Lymphedema Management" E-book

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Breast Cancer Yoga has released Standing Yoga Poses E-book as apart of our "Healthy & Hopeful Lifestyle" E-book Series. Free preview of Standing Yoga Poses
Standing Yoga Poses E-book Contains
“Healthy & Hopeful Lifestyle” E-book Series contain specific restorative yoga poses that assist in breast cancer post-surgical recovery, fatigue and lymphedema management. Also included is a standing therapeutic breathing exercise which is an essential tool for reduction of stress, anxiety and depression. Complementary Therapies included in this E-book are herbal teas, massage oils, and aromatherapy to further enhance healing.
Benefits of Standing Yoga Poses
Standing Yoga Poses E-book introduces our first “upright” yoga series. Here the emphasis is placed on developing stamina, flexibility and strength. Balance is a key component in standing. The use of legs and arms builds the whole body. This provides a clearer understanding on how we control our physical and emotional direction by developing this sense of being grounded and being present.
Yoga Helps Overcome Obstacles During Recovery
Remember as you begin to practice yoga poses with awareness, you not only begin to feel better but you will also be able to feel; that is, you become sensitive to everything and everyone around you. As inner awareness expands and deepens both within and outside the body, we consciously begin to overcome obstacles of fear, pain, anxiety. You can practice yoga in such a way that the practice becomes a much “larger yoga.” Our true nature is revealed through this new sensitivity and awareness. We intuitively begin to discover how to overcome certain obstacles on this journey with breast cancer.
By: Diana Ross, E-RYT 500
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