Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Well, after numerous clinics, four scans and the wee matter of an operation-in-between I’m now left with the choice of whether to have chemo or not. Having already plummeted to the depths of hell on chemo before it’s not a path I would happily tread again - BUT - the chemo worked very well last time even after only two and a half cycles, and this regime will be different. Does that mean better? No, probably worse. This time I’ve been offered a combination of Cisplatin and 5-FU. Cisplatin will go through my kidneys with the efficiency of a blowtorch, but at least the 5-FU will be drip fed over a period of time through a pump. Can’t wait to try this lot out.

The best case scenario is it could work very well and I've been told I could feel better after just two weeks. I don’t like to think of the worst scenario. This is the biggest dilemma I have faced in a long time and an incredibly difficult one for me to try and fathom out.

My voice has gone again, either due to the goretex shifting in my vocal cord after a mammoth coughing fit or something more sinister. I’ll find out about that on Wednesday at another clinic.

Myself with Elliott 13 and Luke 26. Both a happy and sad day.

I have managed to fit in two birthdays in between all this horror. My eldest son Luke was 26 and my youngest son Elliott was 13 on the same day (29th January). It was lovely to see them both together and we even managed to have a small family gathering to celebrate. I even managed to swallow some of the birthday cake Cathy made.

This is just a short update. More will follow after my clinic on February 1st. By then some decisions will have been made.

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